8 best Wii games of all time

The gamepad controls in the Nintendo Wii definitely resembles that of a tablet and most of the games released on this console has not been able to make full use of this potential. People have often undermined what this console can really do.

This is probably why the Wii is considered to be the least successful of all the consoles released from Nintendo. And the successive console, the Nintendo Switch has been more than happy to replace this. And yet there are games which are only compatible with the Wii console that can easily steal the show any day.

Best Wii games of all time

Here we bring to you 8 such games that have made gamers across the world awestruck with their plot and game play. Read on to know more about them.

  1. Super Mario 3D world

This is the game with which the Tokyo game studio made their first entrant using the Wii console from Nintendo. As you are aware the Super Mario is the mascot of Nintendo and it was fun to see the mascot turning into a hero in this exciting game. The game is a hybrid which has managed to retain the best aspects from the various preceding Mario games like the go-anywhere aspect from the Super Mario 64, the aspect of side scrolling quite prominent in all Mario games and yet this game has managed to leave aside negligible shenanigans like that in the Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario 3D world

The players have the option to choose between Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach or Mario himself while playing this game. Of course this is a four player co-operative mode game and you can enjoy it with your friends riding along through adventures and colorful landscape while fighting enemies. You have plenty of secrets to unveil as well.

It is not necessary that you have 4 players to play this game. You can do well in the single player mode as well and there is so many levels to go forward even after you have taken the final boss out of the game.

  1. Super Smash Bros

Have you ever wanted to know who would emerge out a winner if you were to get the Mario and the Sonic hedgehog against each other? Or for that matter what would happen if Bayonetta were to go against the Mega Man? Would it be too much to expect the Ryu of the Street Fighter pit against the dog from the Duck hunt? Well, if you are one of those who wants to see how these scenarios and many other crazy ones play out, then you would love the Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros

The game is not just about fighting but there are also modes in which you can make bonuses. There are also other game play and secrets which you have to uncover. You will be amazed by the rollercoaster ride of imaginary characters and it will be a day of fun with your friends to play this one. That is why it is featured as one of the best games to be played in Wii.

  1. Splatoon

The game is quite exciting for all age groups and is a simple shooting game to define. You have paint guns (virtual of course) with which you have to paint the map. This is absolutely safe for the mental health of children for there is no violence or toxic damage to the brains of your children as they play this game.


There are two teams in the game and each team tries to paint more in the map than the other team and that is what the game is all about. And to do that, you have paint guns, paint buckets and of course the paint rollers at your disposal. You can easily refill your ink by simply swimming across the paint you have done. Of course, do remember that stepping into the enemy team’s ink will slow down your progress.

This game is not just about painting you also have the chance to dress up your team in the most fashionable outfits you deem nice and also listen to the interesting music as you paint the world in your colors.

  1. Bayonetta 2

Lots of music and lots of lights is what this game is all about and you will be fighting and taking down monsters in this delightful game. This is the second version which has managed to live up to the standard set up by its predecessors and has managed to give the gamers much more in terms of features and weapons and abilities.

The game revolves around a witch who has a dual pistol with couple more in her shoes. Most importantly, she has the ability to turn her hair into interesting demons, which makes the game more fun.

You have to be really good in dodging to really shine in this game and if you have wanted to get the angels to submit to you by a simple flick of your hair, then this game is meant just for you.

  1. The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

If you recollect the first of the Wind Waker game came into existence in the year 2002. But the game is further more improvised to give you a refreshing resolution and an exciting experience in this all new edition.

The legend of Zelda

Apart from improving the gaming experience, the game has also managed to include more stuff to make the game interesting. Since there is a second screen on the Wii, the same can be used for managing the different items. The puzzles and the boss fights have not lost their luster. The only drawback is the last few hours in the game which are kind of damp. Anyways, if you are new to the Wind Waker franchise, then you would love this game for sure.

  1. Pokken Tournament

If you recollect the 3DS console had a variety of games on Pokemon and all of them were smashing hits in their own way. However the Pokemon lovers wanted more and that plea has been answered with this Pokken tournament game. This game not only thrills the kids but is found to be quite exciting by the adults too.

You have the Machamp, the heavy hitter, both the older and the newer Pokemon of course along with the Chandelure, who resembles a live chandelier.

Another new character, the Pikachu Libre in the outfit of a luchador wrestler with perfect wrestling moves in the likes of Stone cold stunner is a brilliant addition. This is all and more that you can look forward to in this game.

  1. Mario Kart 8

Ever heard of the Mario Kart? Well, this is the same formula but refined a lot to make the game more fun and more exciting, especially for the first timers.

Mario Kart 8

The racing game has been a favorite of all times and now with the features where you can add more customizations to the vehicles, including the wheels and the body parts, you have more depth to the game and that is why you will find this game to be among the best to be played on Wii.

There are 12 different player races each outdoing the other one. There are couple of add-ons, to use in your character, the cars and the tracks, which are from the other Nintendo famous games like Animal crossing and Zelda. There is also couple of F-zero tracks. If you have loved Mario Kart, you will find this to be more interesting.

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles X

A game based on role-play where you will be assembling a mech squadron with 18 different resources. You are left to build the future for the world in a open world scenario.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

The earth has been destroyed when it came in between the fight of two alien races. There is a ship of humans which has crashed into a new planet, which is hostile and yet beautiful. The job of the player is to explore this new planet, remove any threat of aliens and take help where you can get from.

The story runs for almost 80+hours and there is also a mode for multiple players which make this game really exciting. You will have absolute fun going through the planet on your mechs or on your foot.

That is all for the top 8 games, the best of all times to be played on the Wii. You will be bound to forget the time as you play these wonderful games on the Wii console.

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