Top ten best NES games 2017

Top ten best NES games

The fame and popularity of the Nintendo Console is unbeatable and it is yet proven with the success of NES classic edition. The emulator released officially has about 30 preloaded games and with the help of more ROMs you can avail much more games to play in this console. And with a few downloads, the whole device gets transformed into a device of fun.

If you have this console, locked up for you do not know the right games to play in them or if you have just ordered this console online, you will find this below article to be of immense help to you.

Best NES games you can play right now

Here are 10 interesting and fun games that you can play on the NES. Try them with your console and get yourself captivated by the world of gaming.

  1. Super Mario Bros

Having a list without a mention to this game will be purely obsolete and incomplete. This is the game which took the entire online gaming industry by storm. It came up with templates which are now being considered as the platform by many other interesting and advanced games. This is the game which gained Nintendo the crown of gaming.

Super Mario Bros

The game is about following the journey of a plumber by the name of Mario, through a kingdom of mushrooms. On the way to saving the Princess peach, you get to power up with mushrooms and collect coins to make for more treasure. Maniacal Bowser is the villain that you need to win over.

You can say that the mechanism of side scrolling was first initiated by the Super Mario Bros and this is one aspect which continues to rule in many games even today.

  1. Super Metroid

This was the prequel to the first two Metroid games, giving way to the storyline for them. The game comes with a lot of variations, many secret doors to unlock and you will be facing bosses of mammoth proportions and of course the power-ups hitting you pleasantly unexpectedly. The kind of expectation and excitement offered by this game is unmatched to this date with any other game of its kind.

Super Metroid

The recent Castlevania 2D games are a direct inspiration of this game. The Super Metroid is a game which is evergreen that you can play them without any inhibitions and continue to get lost in the game plot even now.

  1. Super Mario Kart

When the game was initially released, there wasn’t much expectation surrounding it and in fact it was not thought of to be matching customer expectations. And yet this 3D racing game is a blast to play. At the beginning, the game was thought of to be a child’s version of the F-Zero game and yet the game has outlasted time proving once again that the critics were wrong.

Super Mario Kart

In fact you can say that this game gave birth to the Kartmania which has further resulted in many racing games on every possible console after this. The game is therefore a milestone in likes of games like the Super Mario Bros and the Pac-man.

  1. Mega Man 2

The franchise was first launched to failure or rather not a big hit and yet the sequel was worked upon to make it more reachable and successful. According to Capcom, the creator behind this game, the team was spending nearly 20 hours every day working on the game to bring it to what it is today. And their hard work definitely paid off, for this game is now counted among the best in the world.

The game plot is pretty much the same as the predecessor where you have to choose the stage, clear the boss and of course gain the weapon. The enhancements are in the form of newer weapons, newer objects, more levels to play with and of course impressive colors and graphics. The stage of Quick man will leave you completely shocked.

  1. The Legend of Zelda

This is one of the games, other than the Super Mario which has ensured that Nintendo continues to reign as champions in the gaming world. You can say that Mario being a mascot, the Legend of Zelda is the flagship that takes the gaming company through the ages. In fact the game is so much popular, that every announcement or event in association with the game is an event in itself.

The Legend of Zelda

There is a huge whole world for you to explore, interesting weapons to put to good use, NPCs to have your interactions with, unique puzzles to solve in dungeons and much more is there for you in the game. And yet the game is quite simplistic in nature and is considered as a pioneer for the RPG games to come in the future. And what is more! The game is found interesting to this date.

  1. Donkey Kong Country

You should thank the developer Rare, from UK, for this game. The innovation in graphics, the models in 3D of the characters from Donkey Kong and of course the different stages and the enemies from the Donkey Kong were converted into 2D animations so that the same can be run through the NES consoles. The graphics was worked upon so well that many thought that NES is capable of running even 3D animations.

It was a huge hit and it helped get Nintendo out of the Sega Genesis and take the lead in the race of home consoles. In fact the game managed to put a booster on to the classic Super NES consoles right when Nintendo was preparing on its next big launch of Nintendo 64.

  1. Star Fox

Each cartridge of Star fox is embedded with Super FX, a co-processor graphics chip specially designed to make the game compatible with Super NES consoles. The game when released was well ahead of the games in that period and it was pushing the limits of technical abilities in Super NES capabilities.

The game offered the 3D polygon graphics known as the Complex and was quite an achievement. The Star Fox continues to awe its gamers and the success of this game made Nintendo to continue with the game.

  1. Castlevania III: Dracula’s curse

The game is the journey of Trevor, the ancestor of Simon Belmont, who is on the way to eliminate Dracula. While the basic platform conditions are followed through in the game, the curse of the Dracula does give way to some interesting elements in the game. There are three more characters along with Trevor, the Alucard, Grant Dynasty and Sypha Belnades who have their own set of skills and powers.

The game is quite similar to the original version where the player moves across levels and there are points where you can choose the path you want to take. And based on your decision, your direction will continue to change. This is the most important aspect of the game which paves way to make it more interesting.

  1. Lode Runner

You can design your own levels in this interesting game with the level editor. Now the players can make the game exciting and interesting as per their wish using their imagination and creativity. As far as the game goes, you need to keep running collecting the gold on the way and of course stay away from the guards. Knowing the pattern of patrolling will help you to keep yourself ahead in this game and help you to be successful.

Lode Runner

When it comes to puzzle games on NES, this is definitely an addictive one and is one of the pioneering games for its time.

  1. Final Fantasy III

The steam pipes and the grungy streets makes way for this beautiful world of the game developed by the Developer Square and the graphics are very intricate. The quality of the description and the writing (including the English Translation) has ensured that the gamers feel more personally involved in the game and the characters.

Final Fantasy III

The system for combat in this game is quite simple in the making. But as you move forward you find yourself seeing more elements that makes the game more enticing and a role model for many other RPG games. Even though the game was released in the year 1994, the game is still continued to be an awesome game of all times by the gaming world.

So, here we found ourselves getting immersed into the best NES games of all times. Don’t you want to test them right away?

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