Killer Tricks That Every Chess Player Should Know

If you want to become one of the best chess players, then you should be well-versed with some of the inside tricks. Well, how would you come across the tricks that can take you to the top players of chess? So, if you want to get to the top of the game, here are a few killer tips for you. Also, you should check out cheat for better relevant information about the game.

Some killer tricks every chess player should know

Skewer: a combination occurring when two opponent pieces are being attacked by another piece is known as a skewer. This can be lined up in the diagonal, file, or even a single rank. The pieces will be lined up in such a manner that a more valuable piece gets attacked first. Then that piece will retreat, exposing a piece that holds a lesser value that will be captured in the following move.

Royal Fork: a fork that is on the queen, and the king is known as the Royal Fork. In one way or the other, the queen will get captured as the king will have to step away from the check. You should remember that the forks with checks are quite powerful as they make the king move away, keeping the other piece to get captured. You will not be able to understand these tactics just in a day. It will take some time and practice, so make sure you try practicing as much as you can until you attain perfection.

Double Check: this is simply a combination of the knight stepping out after checking the opponent’s king. But this should happen in such a way that the other piece also checks the discovered check. Bear in mind, that this check is considered to be a powerful one because there is no way to block the check by another piece.