How to Choose an Egg Donor?

Getting an egg donor is an extremely personal and responsible thing. The process itself is not very complicated. You turn to a professional agency and they guide you through all the steps. In general, you sign up, explore the potential donors, choose one, and get the eggs. However, when you think about it, there are so many other little things you should take into consideration. Let’s enumerate some them so that you had some food for thought. It’ll also let you approach the choice in a more complex and wise way.

Things to account for

When you sign up with an Egg Donor Agency, you’ll get access to the list of potential donors. Their profiles state things like race, health, characteristics like height, weight, eye color, etc. Looking for the perfect candidate, it’s essential to pay attention to all the details. Many people study every detail like IQ score, hair color, etc. We suggest you do the same. These characteristics basically show you your future baby, at least partially.

Another important thing is to connect to the donor. You can contact them, ask some questions, have a small talk and see if you feel the connection. It’s not obligatory but a great idea anyway. Kids inherit much personality, so when you feel that you could never have friendly relations with a donor, it speaks volume.

You may also have some other significant aspect to consider. Be wise about making this choice and enjoy the result.