Best Free Photography Apps

Since the invention of Instagram, people have become obsessed with making the best pictures. Very often there is no need to get a professional photographer and camera to make one. It’s more than enough to get the right app to edit the picture. Let’s go over the best photo apps you get absolutely for free at

Top editing apps for your photos

The simple and yet reliable app is Photo Editor. You can edit high-quality images without the fear to lose quality when editing. The app allows its users to adjust colors (brightness, contrast, tone, etc.) and add different effects. It also has some basic features like to rotate, crop, resize, etc. You’ll be able to draw on the pictures as well.

Another app worth your attention is FaceApp. The peculiarity of this app is the ability to add a smile to your face or become prettier. This app is also very funny as it lets you add age or get rejuvenated. It’s based on artificial intelligence as it recognizes the face on the photo and suggests what you can do with it.

The best filters you can get are gathered at the VSCO app. You can get it for free but some featured have to be bought.

In addition, you can change the way you take pictures with apps like Essential Camera, OnePlus Camera, or Footej Camera. Just use these apps instead of the traditional camera installed on your smartphone.