Get Real Instagram Followers And Bang On To Growth

The endless scrolls, sharing, commenting makes Instagram attractive, but likes are the game-changer for the whole Instagram family. Likes create a different world altogether. People are posting pictures to get real instagram followers, videos and boomerangs right, left and center and their only anticipation is “how many likes will we get?”. It has made people both patient and impatient. A calm technology that has made the world uncalm.

Do they need to be removed?

Getting more likes has become a competition, a game which is not played fairly, buying likes and followers, forcing people to like, it has become a mission of superiority. Earlier this year, multiple websites claimed that Instagram was experimenting with removing the feature that showed the number of likes on a picture. This was undoubtedly a big decision. A good one, too. Not only would this make Instagram more personal and friendly, but it would also seriously stop the ever-increasing feelings of low self-esteem among people. We are not sure what happened to that experiment.

However, this only holds a small portion of the population on Instagram. With the feature of switching between business and personal profile on the app, maybe engineers at the Instagram headquarters would think of keeping the traditional like-count only for business profiles while making the personal ones truly personal and judgment-free like they should be.